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JoshfromYNC & MayorOfDMV starts a NEW management company - YNC Management

JoshfromYNC & MayorOfDMV starts a NEW management company called YNC Management 

The CEO Joshua Heatherington AKA JoshfromYNC is a BIG time rapper, actor , & movie producer from Wheeling, West Virginia. 

He started off doing shows around his area to become a household name in the music industry. He met his partner Mayor Of DMV in DC while he was doing a major interview with Mr Peter Parker. Their bond was natural and connected the second they met. Being best friends for over 10 years they've traveled and networked with some biggest names in the industry. Heatherington has done many shows in his hometown where he first started building his fan base. He shot a music video downtown Wheeling with Mike Jones which led his partner Mayor Of DMV wanting to manage him for his talent and work ethic. 

They have thrown enormous shows together and created a worldwide platform. They recently created a movie called "Get Lost" with Corley White aka Yung Curl which is now on Tubi. You can go watch it FREE. "Get Lost" The Movie starring Fat Boy SSE , Justina Valentine, Shiggy & more. They just finished up another new movie called "One Mic" starring hip hop legends Fredro Starr & Sticky Fingaz from Onyx which will be out at the end of the year. They've received recognition from Master P, Rick Ross , Blac Chyna , Sway & more from this movie project. Mayor sat down with JoshfromYNC telling him the next step is to start his own label called YNC Records. He feels like having more artists, producers, engineers, camera men etc will help Elevate the brand even more. 

Sean Anwar suggested that we get YNC chains made and start searching for new talent on the internet to bring on the team and help blow them up. Mayor of DMV said we have all the plugs and resources to make stars so let’s get to work. He is also looking to hire A&R’s to scout talent to bring them to the label. Mayor just brought his artist to Boosie’s mansion and is looking to bring more artists to label. 

JoshfromYNC has made national television appearances on Reality TV shows "Growing Up Hiphop '' with Jo Jo Simmons , & "Love N Hiphop '' with hip hop superstar Benzino. Joshua Heatherington has also been working with Damon Feldman the owner of Celebrity Boxing helping get him Celebrity Boxers and YNC has been performing and hosting all of his events on pay-per-view. 

Heatherington & Yung Curl pitched "Get Lost" The Movie to Master P in Miami for a business meeting and P really loved the movie. JoshfromYNC shot a new music video called Blow These Racks with Jay Suave which is in rotation on BET Jams & MTV Jams. You can see the manager Mayor Of DMV making a special cameo in the video. 

DMV said we enjoy doing this and wanna help more people so that’s why we are starting YNC Management. We are now starting to look for Artist , DJ’s , Actors , Rappers , A&R’s, Promoters , Camera men , staff to work with us as we continue to build the largest Management company in the world. 

Follow them @joshfromYNC @mayorofdmv on all social media outlets

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