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PR King, Chadd Black takes MS. MOLO “The Queen of Nightlife” National

How often do we watch businesses, stars, and influencers from afar, wondering, “How do they keep their head in the game amidst the trials and tribulations that come with being a leader in business?” 

Although her journey has come with its set of mountains, she’s been able to persevere while accomplishing the unthinkable! 

In a recent press conference, Ms. Molo’s Publicist Media King, Chadd Black, says: 

“The Queen of The Nightlife, Ms. Molo, is unstoppable, and I can’t think of a better come-up story than hers! She started as a door-girl, and now she’s opening doors for young women coming in after her!”

The story of a former “door girl” turned nightlife mogul proves that where you start doesn’t have to be where you stay! She continues to soar in space dominated by her male counterparts, demanding the same respect along the way. 

Molo is no stranger to the limelight, as she’s been a front runner in lifestyle, promotions, and the entertainment culture for quite a while now. It’s the legacy for us, as many feel called, yet very few chosen. She currently serves as The CEO of multiple entities, Most notable “Kiss Houston | Dallas Locations. 

Yet and still, we haven’t seen the best of Ms. Molo; The best is still in route! 

As the CEO of two clubs, Kiss Houston & Dallas, Molo’s brand expansion is happening rapidly, and we won't miss the wave. 

After all, with the state of the world being less than optimistic, Nightlife has become a “Must Have” for millennials who live for the weekend. 

Fortunately, Molo prides herself on creating safe, sexy, and classy experiences for the people. 

She’s The Peoples Promoter! She’s Up Next on The National Stage! 

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