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Franco Junior's Journey as an Artist

Franco Junior has came out of nowhere and already has +2.5M listens on his Spotify! Time to learn more about the influences this and creative process behind this talented upcoming artist!

They say that in order to be selfless, you need to be selfish; and music has been one of the many ways over the years to communicate and share with others that brings Franco Junior a lot of joy. With millions of streams already, Franco Junior's goal with music is simple: he just wants to share the things he creates with people.

"Money is a way of measuring success, however, time is a measurement of legacy."

Truthfully, money and time are both equal in the context of success. For Franco Junior, the journey of streamlining one or the other is the path that he is on and is the part that has helped him stay on track, was his music career. 

It's never supposed to be easy. Franco Junior remembers the different pains of starting out. At first, the money is lacking and a lot of time is needed to get one's music to be heard, but with the recent success of Franco Junior has had, there's more time to focus on making music that matters, and in turn being compensated better. 

"I'm grateful to be in a position where I can profit from my passion!", Franco Junior says. 

I having found himself through other clothes people and a common love music, Franco Junior also experienced a powerful sense of belonging and collaboration that could only be achieved through music and the joy of sharing such feelings. having been influenced by performing arts as well as music, Franco Junior attributes a lot of his creative mindset to producers like Tim Burton, not necessarily just musical artists. The visual and performance components of song and dance are just as important as the other side of the coin.

"If anyone were to hear my music, the vibe they should immediately feel is a heartfelt experience."

Franco Junior had lot to say about his creative process and the unique sound he is trying to capture for his audience: "You will hear guitars, which I think is uncommon in a lot of music today, since everything is produced digitally. You can also expect uplifting, soaring drops that are very melodic in nature", Franco Junior had to say. 

As an artist, Franco Junior is all about positivity and although the content in some songs might be sadder, overall, his music is an exploration of finding “joy”, even a sad setting. 

When it comes to the future, Franco Junior has some upcoming projects that he is diving into as of late; knowing that his music is being appreciated and loved gives Franco Junior motivation to keep pushing himself further. He is also looking to do a tour in the new year and drop a new EP in early 2023.

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