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7pm3 Exclusive Insider Report

The music business has affected a lot of upcoming artists in different ways. The short answer for 7PM3 is "Good & bad." The way he sees it, the "INTernet" took some of the original hustle away, whilst "doINg" some of that work for you. 

He continues, "Only 'thINg' is, it’s controllable; for some meaning big companies know how to influence even the influencers." While everyone needs to have the same boxes checked, the actual road to success has many forms, according to 7PM3. Independent or not, there are certain factors that can help grow any artist, but not always needed. 

Building a fan base from scratch, at least for 7PM3 and other breakout artists, wasn’t needed when looking at other ways to elevate. For bigger names, their credibility comes with a label or executive producer, because one can have a group like INTerscope for backing. 7PM3 says it has its ups and downs, like everything else out there. When it comes to performing, bending the rules, or even getting in trouble, 7 PM three definitely had some stories to share, several surrounding his performances at SXSW in Austin, Texas:

The artist recalls a negative first time out in the Austin area. Getting into things with law enforcement, tensions running, the works. Since then, 7PM3 has returned to perform at SXSW over 6 times, and looks forward to returning.

When it comes to bigger names and sharing the stage, 7PM3 said that he would love to open up for big name artists like Drake, Jay-Z, or even acclaimed comedians, such as Dave Chappelle. For 7PM3, the future is bright!

"Start your own company instead of waiting to get signed." 7PM3 lives by the words of Kenndrix Ballard, he always liked building his own things, his way, anyways. He finds himself reflecting on the words of his mentors, frequently. 

When it comes to projects he’s working on, not just music, 7PM3 is not only a producer for other artists, a designer of his own apparel, the manager of his own online platform, AALL WHILE managing his own social media presence as an artist? The list goes on. When it comes to managing all these different ideas, 7PM3 had a lot to say about how collaboration has helped him as well as other people around him see the bigger picture.

Collaborating with not just artists, but also with some great producers is key for any major project. When it came time to give a statement on new releases, a date was revealed for 7PM3's next project, “MPowerM3INT”, to be RELEASED EVERYWHERE Nov 20th but 11/10 on his 7PM TV platform : http://www.7Pm.Tv

Autumn pieces for the apparel line “MogulLife” will soon be loaded to http://www.MogulLife.Tv

UPDATE: ALL 7PM3 Shows have been booked all thru Nov & Dec leading INTo the year of 7 (2+0+2+3 = 7). 

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