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As early as he can, Toso remembers writing raps in my notebook as a 5th grader. He first freestyled for some classmates in 6th grade. After that, it was all sports for Toso until high school. As a junior, he wrote his first song to Akon’s “Locked Up” beat. It was pretty good, and so sports and rapping it was. Toso attended Sacred Heart University to play D1 basketball, spending his freshman year living on campus with a couple of teammates.

The first day his music making teammate hooked up a full recording setup, they both began recording songs. Toso recalls that he always had the flow and writing skills, it just took me time to find his voice. Sophomore year came with a sudden change: in a blur of an accident at practice, Toso broke both of his wrists andwas done for the season. With so much time on his hands, pun intended, he started to rap more and more. Now, Toso was falling slowly in love with music while at the same time falling out of love with basketball. After that, it was history. 

Toso is working to garner the attention of big names in the music industry, not necessarily just parts of the industry itself. When asked to list names of artists he would like to work with, Toso listed the following 5 artists to feature in a hypothetical next album; in no particular order they would be: Tems, Money Man, DJ Khalid, Future, and Drake.  

Toso agrees with many artists today in that the internet has impacted the music business in great ways. There are always going to be negatives. It has never been easier to connect with fans over the internet and to market a brand. Even for growing artists, the concept of running paid ads online is a lot more effective in reaching a larger audience.

 In todays society, it's apparent that literally ANYONE can become famous if they have catchy content that goes viral; Toso sees this as a good thing, overall. The internet has made it very easy to access money in a fast way. The only downsides he sees are in the mainstream apps we use. 

As an example, Instagram and Facebook are very strict with what one can market and say on their app. Now, things are to a point where one can’t even speak their mind anymore or promote freely. He believes that if you own a public app, the public should be allowed to do what they want. 

When it comes to his lifestyle and staying on his path as an artist, Toso reflected on the words of wisdom from someone close: 

"...A friend told me once, 'You’re going to make it, because you want to,' which really stuck out to me because I interpreted it as him saying I can do anything I want to do because I have the ability."

Toso envisions a music industry where artists can form a union and control the money flow in the music industry. Being the talent, artists are the most important parts of the music business. Nothing goes without artists. Artists should be able do and say anything they want without the fear of being “culture cancelled”. For Toso, this is a firm belief.

 Only bigger and better things lay ahead. Lately, Toso has been releasing a lot of music videos lately and promoting them to build a bigger fan base. His released records “In My Sleep” and “Slow Down” have been making a lot of noise. Toso has high hopes that these songs are able to penetrate the ears of people in the music industry and allow him to work with them.

Currently, Toso's goals are to feature in other artist's albums and even write for some other. At the beginning of the year, Toso released his third album “DLEUXE” (now streaming everywhere) and is working constantly on another album, with plans to drop either later this year or early 2023.

As an artist, Toso has a lot of energy and creativity for a long career, so he's ready to work with whoever, whenever. For him, the future is always bright. 

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