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Tarzzahn & Youngstarr Beatz Join Forces On “Pu$$y Poppa”

Rising star, Tarzzahn, Born March 20, 1989. From Dallas, Texas, has been making music since the age of 13 and has never stopped the grind. Being inspired by his mothers work ethic, he decided to chase his dreams and follow the path of music. 

Although life has thrown Tarzzahn some obstacles his way, he still remains positive and hungry for the success he deserves. Being driven by the power of God, he’s survived more than 6 incidents where he almost died. Talk about a crazy life, right? 

His new release which just dropped, titled “Pu$$y Poppa” is definitely a single which shows exactly how much Tarzzahn can stand out as an artist.

In collaboration with Dallas producer “Youngstarr Beatz”, “Pu$$y Poppa” is a record you’d expect to hear in the club. Inspired by a 1980s rhythm. It is definitely the type of vibe that’ll get anybody moving, women and men. 

Youngstarr Beatz told us a bit about the record and how it came to existence:

“We originally created Pu$$y Poppa back in 2010 in Tarzzahn’s moms’ house. After the song was recorded, I (Youngstarr Beatz) chopped up the hook and made it what it is today. The plan was to drop the song along with the project we were working on, but we didn’t get the chance to due to him (Tarzzahn) going to prison. 12 years later, we just couldn't seem to get the song out of our head. It was almost like timeless music to us. We felt that was a sign. The thought of questioning if it was still good to release due to the song being so outdated had us in a dilemma, but we decided to remix the vocals and revamp the production and we felt it was an instant hit all over again.”

This record is definitely one for the books, especially with that backstory. If there’s one thing we’ve seen today, it is that Tarzzahn and Youngstarr Beatz have an undeniable chemistry making music together. 

Listen to “Pu$$y Poppa” 

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