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Meet Commerce, the Versatile Artist Making Waves in the Hip-Hop Scene

Las Vegas-based artist Commerce hopes to become a fixture in the music industry! The versatile rapper, who also helps run the family real estate business, has always been inspired to create music. When asked about the latter, Commerce happily paints a picture of a young black boy from Southern California listening to Bob Marley with his family and falling deeper in love with both his music and his message of peace and love. He revealed to us that he has been creating music since the young age of 7 and recorded his first song at only 15 years old. “When I was 15 I recorded my first song ever over [a] Jay-Z “U Don’t Know” instrumental. The war was going on at the time with Afghanistan so I thought it would be dope to drop something political.” From there, his musicality has only grown.

Currently, he is hard at work making more music that fits his eclectic style. Though he recognizes that most of his music would be classified as hip-hop, he refuses to trap himself in a box that comes with a certain genre, and instead eagerly goes where his pen takes him. “I have a range of art that can be displayed. I don’t like to limit myself to one genre. I am currently working on a few Spanish songs & rock tracks.” This openness to various types of music is part of what allows him to be such a unique artist (being the child of a DJ and a radio show host certainly helps as well) but the rest of his ‘starpower’ comes from the heart, and his desire to inspire others through positivity. “I’m looking to keep people motivated because I know how hard life can get. I’m that inspiration that could be needed throughout the day. Sometimes people hear the right song and it changes the vibration.”

As he dives deeper into his music career, Commerce is making bigger and better moves, gaining a loyal fan base, and touring with rapper Tee Grizzly. He also recently began collaborating with more artists like Indika Sam, an emerging artist from Southern California. His proudest achievement, however, is his latest album Running On Water 9ether. This album is his masterpiece, and he believes that it has allowed him to grow as an artist and tell his story, one he hopes others can relate to and find comfort in.

 His single off the album, “PCH” feat. MRANDA is one he’s very excited about. It’s his official shout-out to Southern California, his original home, and a place he looks back at fondly. Yet despite admiring his origins, he still pushes forward, hoping to make strides in the music industry. He confesses to being extremely excited about any opportunities he may find and the people he may meet in his new home of Las Vegas.

 His departing bit of advice? “Stay inspired, stay happy. If you’re not happy you can’t make anyone else around you feel good. One of the most important things in life is your mental health. If you’re reading this, I know peace will find you if it hasn’t already.”

 Commerce’s new album Running On Water 9ether is out on all platforms now, along with his new single “PCH”. 

You can find him on Instagram and TikTok @iamcommerce. 

Watch the music video for PCH here: 

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