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Rapper Blu Jay: Sovereignty With “Own Pace”

Blu Jay should have been called Razor Jay for his emotive, mesmerizing, musically dynamic production with an uplifting flow, making his unhurried way through his verses.

He's a 20-year-old that's straight out of South Carolina but originally from Syracuse, NY. His lyrics have taken his heartfelt experiences and impact and drilled them into our heads and got our heads swayin` like a happy maniac. So, who is the new talent, and where's he heading?  

This musical giant has spent years honing his craft and spent 2 straight years getting his voice down to a fine art. Blu Jay honed his skills among his friends and created a loyal following. Eventually, Blu Jay knew he had to leave school and bailed out during his senior year. You have to believe in yourself to take this step and have the guts to go through with life-changing actions like this and Blu Jay has this in spades! 

This go-getter recorded his first raps on his iPhone and, in 2020, started releasing them to the world. In the space of 2020, he released 5 singles and 3 albums, showing a hard work ethic. Expectedly, 2020 kicked in, and as with many artists in the pandemic, were not received at all. 

Like most of us, listeners were worrying about paying rent, having enough food, and seeing how many push-ups they could do. But, as with many successful artists, this rapper endured the lull and kept on honing his craft and laying down new tracks. He knew that even if tracks were not listened to then, they would be over time and create a stable base for his later works. 

All great success stories have a challenge the protagonist has to overcome, and the Pandemic was Blu Jay's. That said, it was also an opportunity to find time to get to where he wanted to be. Rushing sometimes doesn't produce the best results so having time to think and progress organically was perhaps the best thing for Blu Jay.

Finally, his album ‘Mixed Emotions' (2021) started reeling in the ears and gained some acclaim. People realized this rapper was new, still carving his roster of words and finessing tracks. This was the boost he needed and a key steppingstone to his billboard-busting ‘The Healing Journey’ (2022). His years of hard work were richly rewarded and hit the sweet spot of listeners just right. His track ‘Unusual’ was blowing up at the same time and helped generate a much larger audience for Blu Jay. There was synergy, and everything came together as it should. 

Currently, Blu Jay just dropped 'Own Pace’ and a music video to support it. The word drop is right; it's jaw-dropping, hauntingly atmospheric keys propelled by rhythmic bass drums & emotive goodness that resonates with listeners. 

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