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Music Is Therapy For Lil Dreamy

Lil Dreamy is one such artist who was persuaded to pursue a career in music. He began studying singing and music production to be successful in the music industry. He worked tirelessly to develop his talent before beginning his epic musical adventure, leaving no stone unturned.

 Lil Dreamy's journey began at a very young age when he got himself into Hip Hop/ Rap and this is when he decided to be the “Next Biggest MC” He has been trying his very best to reveal his great talent which can be seen in his projects like “I want to be Alone” which has surpassed 100k streams and “Freddy Kruger," which received 150K. His recipe has never failed to impress us.

 He never had high-quality recording equipment to begin with, but the position he has reached now is a testament to all the struggles and challenges he has faced over the years.

 Talking about his struggles while creating music from scratch he exclaims, “ I had no idea on the process of making music and I would barely even rap but seeing what these guys were able to do with their stories and words was incredible to me. I tried writing a few songs and tried recording some on my flip phone. It wasn’t until middle school that I was making YouTube videos but still hadn’t recorded music. One day I heard two beats that caught my attention and u knew I had to make something to them. So I connected a broken microphone to my iPad opened up the app I used to make YouTube videos and recorded my first two songs. They were garbage but I just had to put something on them.”

 When he was in high school, he was called out for prioritizing music over other career options. But he was certain that there was no plan B. Lil Dreamy saw music as therapy and there was nothing he could separate himself from music production.

 His creativity can be seen in one of his favorite books, "Is Death Inevitable", where he talks about the biggest obstacles he has ever encountered and his fear of dying.

 His creative process of writing music is a bit interesting. He starts with the beats, which may take hours to nail down the right one. This will help him decide which beat to use in the future to fit the atmosphere. It will also give him a vision of how the song will sound. After that, he either writes, freestyles, or sings a song line by line. After ensuring that all voices have been recorded. After mixing and mastering his tunes, he creates some cover art and promotes the song for release. To know more about this young talent, click on the links below

 For more details, follow him and listen to his songs on different platforms.


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