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Simone Kelly Is Back And Ready To Reclaim Her ‘Time’

Once a girl in Chicago dreaming of LA’s bright lights, Simone Kelly’s reputation of being the “outsider” in her family, has led her to the City of Angels. In her adolescent years, Kelly was introduced to the recording studio by her uncle, 10 years her elder, who claimed the role of “big brother.” Though she officially recorded her first song around the age of 10, Kelly frequently joined her uncle in the studio to record verses and the hooks of his group’s records. Acknowledging that such experiences helped her get comfortable with writing music, Kelly takes pride in her pen game, always maintaining the primary writing role on her records.

 A woman of many talents, Kelly often struggled to choose a career path but there was nothing that fit her quite like music. Considering it a form of therapy, Kelly used the music to dismantle the wall of security built by trauma and disappointments. And, when she wrestled with words to speak, Kelly seamlessly reflected her feelings through a song. 

Since the release of her pre-pandemic EP Up in the Air, Kelly has been working on her new song "Time." A vulnerable, almost diary entry-like track about being fed up with your partner, Kelly wants listeners to understand that time is the most valuable resource because you cannot take it back. Excited for listeners to hear a more personal side of her, Kelly admits that “a lot of my music is about my failed relationships.” One day, she'll write cheerful records about having the man of her dreams, but for now, that’s not her reality. And, she’s not here to sell anyone a fake fairytale. 

Check out “Time” below and stay in the loop with Simone Kelly on social media.

Twitter - @SimoneJKelly 

Instagram - @itsSimoneKelly 

TikTok- @itsSimoneKelly

Facebook - @SimoneKellyMusic

YouTube Channel: @itsSimoneKelly

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