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NYC Pop Artist ChRZA's "Walk Away" is Our Anti-Valentine's Day Pick

With everyone talking about Valentines and celebrity baby fever, we’re taking the week to find ourselves the anti venom. If you're fresh out of a Breakup or just not feeling like love ballads with your significant other right now, we have another new tune for you today. our latest pick for your Anti Valentines Day playlist comes from New York City, by Pop R&B Artist ChRZA. The debuting singer has released the music video for “Walk Away” on all major platforms and it's definitely giving us the Single Ladies energy we need for this season. This track is perfect for anyone who needs the reminder NOT to text that Ex today.

We love a good anti-Valentines Day anthem, and ChRZA’s isn't just good—it's also got a deeper political message behind it.

ChRZA is our latest pick for your Anti Valentines Day anthem.

The song plays like a melodic schoolyard classic, reminiscent of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”, yet the explosive opening verse proves ChRZA’s Candy Pop demeanor is more Cardi B than you’d expect. The song and video tells the story of ChRZA's real life breakup with a bit of explicit visuals and the mouth of a sailor right from the start. Available on Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, If you're in the mood to listen to some fresh empowering music that’ll leave you with just a tinge of shell shock, this is just what you've been looking for.

The music video visuals for “Walk Away” is a fashion forward display of pink hair, fishnets, and unbothered dancing

The music video for "Walk Away" is a fashion forward display of pink hair, fishnets and unbothered dancing. The song is about leaving a toxic relationship and being able to keep your self esteem afterward. ChRZA sings for the ladies who are single and happily leaving a toxic relationship.

The video was filmed in the same alleys of Lower Manhattan that she walked after leaving her critical Ex, making the visuals of her and other outcasted friends all the more of a punch in the gut to The Patriarchy. The message behind this video is not just about breaking up but being the one to hold your head up high afterwards.

The song pokes fun in explicit Candy Pop format, with raunchy plays on the word “Come”, and mentions of how her man (ex man) used his “tool”. The lyrics are empowering and relatable to women, it's impossible not to sing along when you hear the “Took a minute but I mean it when I say I’m gone I’m gone” kick in.

The catchy beat and sassy lyrics are enough to pop anybody off the sofa, put down the ice cream and live your best life, this isn't your depressing breakup ballad for being single on Valentine's Day. In fact, according to ChRZA, her and all the dancers filmed in the video are actual close friends who “rescued her from low self worth” and got her off the couch years ago. Consider “Walk Away” a pass it on Pep talk from the girls in the dressing room, now passed onto you.

It may be hard to listen to if you're still in that messy situation, but it will definitely make you feel better.

We love this track because of the rawness and honesty in the lyrics, which are used to describe realizing someone is holding you back and finally getting the courage to do what you know you need to do for yourself

When asked about how she came to debut with such a eyebrow raising single ChRZA credits her “house”, Iconic House of Old Navy, a local collection of LGBTQ+ artists who perform regularly in the Kiki Ball scene, for giving her the courage to release Walk Away to the public. The move to drop the single and the video, after years since it’s original making, was a “reintroduction to her feminine power” and one we are glad to see happen.

The inclusion of the Ballroom Club remix in the opening of the video is also a very powerful statement of identity and pride, and makes Walk Away an anthem for more than just ladies but, all who can identify as such which is especially important when you consider how many people can relate to the current issues surrounding Transgender rights, inclusion and representation. In particular, the platform given to LGBT dancers and showcase of their influence on Pop Culture was a move that is timely and refreshing considering the lack of inclusion the community had faced for years on the screen. “Inclusion of my house was so important to me because they need credit for the way they influence the culture and the way they uplift society in so many ways, more than you could ever know.”

This could be the perfect song to keep your Ex, your EX, this Valentine’s Day season

Sometimes, you just need to do what's right for yourself and there is no shame in that.

On Valentine's Day...or any day after a breakup! ChRZA does a great job of conveying that feeling in a fun and lighthearted way.

If you're still in that messy situation or recovering from one, tune into ChRZA and check our next posts for more Anti Valentines Day venom, it will definitely make you feel better. More info on ChRZA can be found at her IG @ChRZAofficial and her website

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