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Oba Ogunlano Storms the Music Industry

Obatoyimbo Ogunlano, known professionally as Oba Ogunlano, has been defying norms and shaping the world of music with his revolutionary sound, OrisaBeat. His music - an avant-garde blend of African traditional music and contemporary rhythms - resonates with the soul and spirit of a culture deeply rooted in ancestral wisdom.

Born in Miami in 1986 to African American parents who had traced their lineage back to Nigeria and Benin, Oba Ogunlano was raised in the rich tradition of Ifa, with his parents serving as priests and his mother also an established jazz singer. 

This unique heritage has culminated in the creation of OrisaBeat Music, a fusion of traditional Orisa sounds and modern beats, influenced heavily by jazz.

After his tremendous success in music, Oba Ogunlano was crowned a king in Ile Ife, Nigeria, by the Ooni of Ife-an honor bestowed upon those who achieve remarkable success in the community.

In 2021, Oba Ogunlano released his debut album, "Destiny is King." The album's lead single, "Omolosa," has accrued over 1.5 million views on social media platforms. Another standout track, "EleseOka," has been featured on MTV and Hip TV-the largest music station in Nigeria. Following this success, Oba Ogunlano earned the prestigious Yomafa Award in 2021, recognizing him as the best African artist living abroad.

A visionary, Oba Ogunlano emphasizes the importance of mindset when starting a business, "Believe in yourself and do not be afraid to invest in yourself," he advises aspiring entrepreneurs.

He also warns against letting fear hold you back, as it can often prevent individuals from taking the necessary steps toward success. For him, success is about waking up happy every day. Living your dream, and finding fulfillment from within.

His latest project, "Ayaba Mi," a homage to his queen and queens everywhere, was released in February 2023. This hit single will feature on his forthcoming album "Throne Day," due to release later in 2023.

Aside from his musical endeavors, Oba Ogunlano has embarked on an inspiring project in Ghana. He has purchased land and is developing a community complete with all necessary amenities- a school, hospital, and police station. His mission is to bring positive change and inspire through his music and actions.

Oba Ogunlano's music, with a prayer in each song, is designed to inspire love, health, and positivity.

This is a man whose talent and determination are bound to drive him to new heights. We invite you to join his journey.

For more about Oba Ogunlano, his music, and his mission, visit his website at Follow his journey on Instagram @obaogunlano and experience the OrisaBeat by listening to his latest song "Ayaba Mi" on Youtube.

About Oba Ogunlano:

Oba Ogunlano is a Miami-born musician who created the genre of OrisaBeat-a fusion of traditional Orisa sounds with modern beats. As a descendant of some of the first African Americans to reclaim their African roots, his unique cultural heritage deeply influences his music. A winner of the 2021 Yomafa Award for the best African artist living abroad, Oba Ogunlano is on a mission to inspire and change the world through his music.

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