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Versatile Artist Yalee Is the Next Big Thing

Yalee is an Independant artist, bringing a hood soul sound “ghetto gospel” to the music scene. He is a diverse and unique artist, wanting to impact everyone who listens to his music.

Yalee just finished recording a four song EP which will highlight his new singles introducing his new sound to the music scene. He is originally from Daytona, Ohio and has moved around quite a bit, currently he is building his loyal fanbase in Los Angeles, CA.

Furthermore on his four song EP he is possibly adding a bonus track called “My Outside Different” when asked about his new EP he respoonded “the four songs are one God stay with me, two which I talk about every blessing you get the devil tries to come and take it away from you. The third one is candles, which talks about growing up in property. Sometimes the lights were cut off, and we had to use candles. And the fourth one is the title of the project. My outside is different, which talks about the violence i witnessed growing up watching two of my friends get murdered right in front of me. And just the environment I was in growing up in a dangerous area. The fourth song is called mental health which kind of wraps the whole EP up basically saying all this plays a role in your mental health whether you believe it or not it’s just like I don’t wanna die young I have shit to prove. And the bonus track is called Ghetto Prayer and that just talks about dark times and wanting God to shine some light on my mental like, God please shine your light on me before I do something stupid.”

When asked what inspires Yalee’s music “my dad was a rapper, and my mom was a singer so it’s like it’s in my blood but if anybody inspires me it’s probably my bros like niggas that’s from my city that I know been through some shit and as I got older, and went into the world and saw these rappers that really wasn’t about that life it made me really respect and be inspired by my Homies but as far as like my sound like I got to have the piano one day I was at the gym and Adele song came on and my phone was across the room so I couldn’t turn it in when I heard the song and I started to listen to her lyrics I was like yo she said some real shit and I was just like yo what if I told my story to her type of music”

Yalee has a unique sound that music allows him to connect with a diverse audience. He is spreading his message globally. Maksure to Yalee via social media  @yalee to stay in the know and check out his music available on all major platforms @yalee.

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