DJ Sam Smoove

It was 1976, and in the beautiful city of Manhattan, N.Y was born Latin Hip-Hop Dj Sam Smoove. Raised in the heart of hip-hop the "Boogie Down Bronx" for 20 years, Smoove started djing in 96' . He needed a change of atmosphere in his life, and decided to move his career to The Granite State in1998. This would allow him to further and continue his education in Business Mangement.

While consistantly Djing in Clubs from NH to Mass Smoove continued making a big buzz throughout the country in the mixtape game, because of his music selection, unique scratches, blends, and crowd pleasing essentials. DJ Sam Smoove, will set higher standards for Dj's all around the world & will be recognized as one of the greatest to ever touch the one's & two's. He is currently An Official Shadyville Dj on WJMN Boston's Jam'n 94.5 Friday, Saturday & Sunday Nights.


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