Tyga & Rob Kardashian Respond To Child Support Claims By Blac Chyna!

UhOhh! There's some drama going on with Blac Chyna, Tyga & Rob Kardashian. It all started with a series of tweets from Blac Chyna talking about the financial burdens that she has had to deal with due to being a single mother.

Tyga who is the father of 9-year-old, King Cairo replied to the comments by saying:

“I pay 40k a year for my son school & he lives w me mon- sat. Why would I pay child support lol,”

Rob Kardashian also wanted to clear his name and commented the following regarding his 5-year-old daughter, Dream:

“I pay 37k a year for my daughter’s school,” he wrote. “I handle every single medical expense. I pay for all her extracurricular activities. I have my daughter from Tuesday-Saturday. Why would i pay child support lol.”

Yikes, do you think Blac Chyna will reply to the comments made by Tyga & Rob?

photo credit: Getty Images

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