Eww, Girl gets surgery to look like Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s Iranian Superfan, 19, Has Over 50 Alleged Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Her Idol

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An Angelina Jolie superfan has allegedly undergone over 50 plastic surgeries to emulate her idol. The results have Instagram followers claiming she looks like a corpse!

Whoa! An Iranian woman has allegedly undergone over 50 plastic surgery procedures in her quest to resemble Angelina Jolie, 42. While we understand why someone would want to look like the stunning Hollywood star, Sahar Tabar, 19, from Tehran, has gone way too far. According to the Belgian website Sud Info, her goal is to look like the Oscar winner and she’s tried to achieve that by going under the knife over 50 times. Now her lips are grotesquely oversized, and her cheekbones are high and razor-sharp, making the rest of her face appear to have a deeply sunken effect. Her jaw line is deeply angled and her chin super pointed. The look has some of her Instagram followers claiming that she looks like a “zombie” or a “corpse.”

It also doesn’t help that Sahar has taken to the habit of wearing extremely light blue contacts that give her a spooky look. In some photos, her nose appears sharply upturned and it makes her look almost elfin. Some followers have disputed the plastic surgery claims, saying that it appears that she’s using prosthetics to give her face such an inhuman look or even used Photoshop to achieve her unique appearance. She allegedly lost over 80 pounds and is completely rail thin, so her head appears way too large for her extremely tiny body. See more pics of Sahar’s transformation, here.

Sahar became a viral sensation on Nov. 30 when the media picked up on her incredible transformation. She already had over 365,000 Instagram followerswhen the story broke and now the number has swelled to 436,000 within hours. Her account does not include any “before” pics of how she looked prior to going down this road, but plenty of her acquaintances have been taking to Twitter to post was she used to look like. She was actually a naturally pretty girl! Some of the comments on her Instagram pics include “Holy mother of god get help, “Bloody ridiculous,” and “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS HEREEEEEE!!!!!!! RUUUUN!!!!!” There are remarks in many different languages from all over the world, so Sahar definitely has people’s attention.

So here they are, Sahar and Angelina side by side. Do you see any resemblance?

Sahar Tabar and Angelina Jolie


Here’s what Sahar used to look like before her alleged surgeries, and how she looks today:

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Kyza Soze@KyzaSoze1

Look how beautiful Sahar Tabar looked. She had over 50 plastic surgery procedures to "look" like Angelina Jolie.  



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