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WTF? Door Wide Open On Speeding Commuter Rail Train???


NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Door wide open on speeding, packed Commuter Rail train; MBTA apologizes for ‘uncomfortable commute’


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Dan Atkinson|Justin Bourke

BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - The door of a Commuter Rail train was wide open with passengers standing just inches away as the train traveled at full speed Tuesday night, according to video taken by passengers.

One commuter who wished to remain unnamed tweeted a video of the open door on a Middleboro train that left from South Station Tuesday evening, saying passengers were holding on to the rail trying not to fall out.

“There were people holding on for their life onto the bars so that they didn’t fall out of the train,” the commuter said. “A gentleman held the door closed while we were traveling. He lost his grip a couple times where the door would open and he’d have to push it closed again so no one would fall out.”

He said passengers were forced to stand in the vestibule because the rush hour train was so packed with commuters.

In a reply, the Commuter Rail’s official Twitter account said the video had been forwarded to supervisors before it was “escalated,” and apologized for the “uncomfortable commute.”

“Clearly they didn’t notify the train because it was still open and the conductor had no idea that it was open,” the man said.

“We’ve escalated this concern to be addressed as safety is very important to us. Sorry for the uncomfortable commute and have a good evening,” the account tweeted.

Passengers now say this is not the first time something like this has happened.

“I just think that safety doesn’t seem to be a concern of theirs or at least they don’t portray that to those of us who take the train every day,” the commuter said. “it’s disheartening.”

A spokesperson for Keolis, which operates the Commuter Rail, said they were aware of the open door and onboard crews were focusing on the safety of passengers and making sure the door is properly closed and secure. The cause of the open door is under investigation.

The passenger who took the video, who wished to remain unnamed,told 7 News in an interview Tuesday night that the door closed at the platform, but didn’t latch and stayed open for most of his 30-minute ride to Brockton, despite efforts by passengers to hold it closed.

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