Amber Rose Cancels Slutwalk

Amber Rose won’t be hosting her annual SlutWalk this year and her reason for not doing so is that she’s prioritizing her peace above all else.

In a transparent Instagram post, the model addressed losing nearly twenty friends over the past year due to some sketchy behavior including fabricated social services complaints and stolen money. As for the friend who called social services on her, Rose says that the entire ordeal ended up costing her thousands of dollars after she confronted her. In her attempts to remain in a positive place and having a peaceful pregnancy, Amber shared that there will be no SlutWalk this year.

“I’m so happy God has blessed me with a New Baby and an Amazing Man to help me through all the turmoil. That’s why I’ve been laying so low during this pregnancy…. no Toxicity will be tolerated over here only Positive vibes. F-ck fake friends and their weirdo sh-t. I’d rather just have my family and my team. P.S This is also why I’m not having my Slutwalk this year…. Sorry I just have to protect my energy and peace.”