Joyner Lucas Opens Up About Cancelled Tour Dates

Citing vocal issues, Joyner Lucas was forced to cancel 30 shows on the Australian and European stretches of his I'm Kind Of A Big Deal  tour Hanging out backstage with The Breakfast Club at Summer Jam 2018, the performer opened up about the difficult decision for the first time.

"My voice is shot, and after two or three shows it completely goes," the up-and-coming MC explained. "I had to get a steroid shot in my throat."

Lucas, a Massachusetts native, only confirmed he would be taking the Summer Jam stage Thursday morning with an announcement on Twitter. So why was he able to perform in Mansfield but not Australia or Europe? "I could do spot dates, the doctor just suggested that I don't do back-to-back-to-back dates."

Concerned about the long-term effects of poor vocal technique, Lucas referenced the permanent damage sustained by rapper Young Jeezy as the reason for his cautious approach. "I think his voice got thrown out from performing and then he had to get throat surgery and all that," Lucas explained. "And then his voice changed after that."

How does Lucas plan to get healthy and back on the road? "I gotta learn how to not overly yell when I'm rapping and stuff," he said. "It's like vocal training."

(Photo: Richard Knowles/iHeartMedia)

Joyner Lucas Will Play Summer Jam Despite Cancelling Tour - Thumbnail Image

Joyner Lucas Will Play Summer Jam Despite Cancelling Tour

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