Watch "2Pac Must Die"

Well respected west coast rap veteran "Glasses Malone" just released video titled "2Pac Must Die" which tells the story from the perspective of the alleged shooter. More than twenty years later the murder case of 2pac has yet to be solved. However, most theories point to Legendary Compton Crip gang member, Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson. Glasses Malone (a Crip himself) took upon himself to paint a picture of what he believes happened with lyrics to be the narrative for the visual. The reenactment is from the first person perspective of the shooter believed to be Orlando Anderson. In 2019 many people may/will perceive this as trolling for attention but some may see it for artistic. Click Bait??? Well it got you here....have an open mind when watching. Glasses Malone also had a live stream with Mistah Fab as they spoke on the controversy about this song/video which you can watch below. One thing I do not want to see is people follow this as a trend, as I read the comments in the live stream I read "Eric Holder needs a story" and I am not here for that! Back to Glasses Malone, he is HEAVILY respected and holds steadfast on the fact he never disrespected 2pac in the song. Malone is driving home the fact that people want to Gang Bang and glorify the lifestyle when they don't know the truth. The live stream allows Glasses to really clarify his perspective.